Guangdong Provincial Government Scholarship (Current Student Program)

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Guangdong Government Outstanding Foreign Student Scholarship
Current Student Program
Application requirements
To be eligible, applicants must:
1. Be of a foreign nationality holding a valid passport and visa.
2. Be a degree student having studied in South China Agricultural University for one year and above.
3. Be of good health and be under the age of 40.
4. Be of good character and be obedient to Chinese law and university regulations.
5. Be a diligent student having passed all the compulsory courses in the last academic year.
6. Have acquired HSK Level 4 Certificate (or above) or fundamental Chinese language proficiency with relevant proof (Chinese-taught program students only).
7. Have not awarded any other Chinese official scholarship in the academic year.
Application Deadline
Very Early Beginning of September
Scholarship Amount
1. One-off RMB 10,000 for a bachelor student
2. One-off RMB 20,000 for a master student
3. One-off RMB 30,000 for a PhD student
Application Procedure
1. Complete the application form.
2. Submit the documents listed below:
(1) The academic transcript of last academic year
(2) HSK Certificate Level 4 (or above) or relevant proof of fundamental Chinese language proficiency (Chinese-taught program students only)
(3) A photocopy of valid passport and visa
(4) Any awards or certificates supporting your academic performance if applicable
(5) A study certificate issued by Office of International Students

Application Form